Gestion des dates

Dans solr, les dates sont stoquées en UTC. Cela a des implications complexes pour le client:

Gestion des node

Pour changer de configuration (nombre de shard, port...) une instance, je n'ai pas d'autre option que de réinstaller solr.

inner joins

fq={!join from=patient to=id fromIndex=list score=none v='type:400000'} AND name:bob

In order to join a sharded collection on solr-cloud, the joined collection must be replicated on every nodes.

In terms of performances, adding score=none allow to make the search search proportional to the joined number of rows. Without this, it will be stable and only depend on the collection size.

Interestingly, if the join is used in fq then it is cached by solr. Then any new query on the collection with the same inner join will be faster.

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